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   Our Services


We conduct exhaustive Preventive Maintenance Inspection on various equipment used in power generation, transmission and distribution using sophisticated and specialiased instruments. Our teams of well-trained engineers carry out tests and conclude the results in the form of excellent reports that lead to actions to be taken be the power utilities to increase the life of such equipment by timely maintenance and avoid breakdowns. This results in huge direct and indirect savings in terms of equipment replacement and power outage cost.

Services offered for testing TRANSFORMER,GENERATOR,CT,PT,CVT,OLTC etc.

Test the HV/EHV class of Transformers for their, Capacitance & Tan Delta of windings as well as bushings,
Winding Resistance Measurement,
Magnetic balance test,
Magnetizing Current test, Burden etc.
Ratio & Vector group confirmation test,
Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) For hidden Mechanical Faults
Moisture in Oil /Paper HV Insulations

Test the HV/EHV class of Current Transformers (CT) of various makes for their:

C & Tan Delta,
Winding Resistance measurement,
Primary Injection Test,
Polarity test & Excitation Curve test.
Burden etc.

Test the HV/EHV class of Potential Transformers (PT) & CVT of various makes for their C & Tan Delta, Winding Resistance measurement & Ratio


Testing of Various makes of relays with help of Single Phase & Three Phase, Six Phase Automated Relay Test Kits. Distance protection Relays - Numerical or Non numerical, Line differential Relays, Back up Protection relays, REF Protection relays, Static relays, Voltage Frequency & Current Relays & Old Electromechanical Relays can be tested as per the characteristics of the manufacturers.


Services offered for testing of insulating liquids.

Testing of BDV (Break down Voltage), tan delta, resistivity, permittivity and all parameters of Insulating liquids using Industry Trusted Instrument.


TMC conducts specialized Custom built Training Programs on chargeable basis such as -
On the job Training for testing Circuit Breakers, Dynamic Contact Resistance Measurement of Circuit Breaker; Transformers; CTs; PTs; CVTs, RLA & Relays.
Training for interpreting tests results.
Preventive Maintenance actions based on test results.